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It all began with the deliciously humble vanilla ice cream but since the early days of ice cream creation, weird and wonderful flavours have begun to emerge. Some are just plain old wrong while others are surprisingly tasty!

Ice cream truck

Now the history of ice cream is a sketchy affair involving the Romans, French, English and even the Chinese! There are many different versions of how it all began but here’s our take on the story…

...to our very first blog!

Peter and Vanessa Darlington

Hello! We are the Darlington Family.

Our family has been farming for over 80 years. We are proud of our heritage and passionate about our future as producers of our luxury ice cream brand, Ferneleys.

This blog serves to keep you updated on our exciting journey as we launch not only our ice cream brand but open the doors to The Dairy Barn Café. You’ll be introduced to the rest of the team along the way too.

We will also share recipes, flavours, and interesting information about things like the history of ice cream and introducing you to our beautiful herd of cows!

So, that’s us, we look forward to seeing you at The Dairy Barn Café soon, look out for details of our first open day, here on our news page and make sure you read our blog every month and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with our adventure!