It all began with the deliciously humble vanilla ice cream but since the early days of ice cream creation, weird and wonderful flavours have begun to emerge. Some are just plain old wrong while others are surprisingly tasty!

In this blog, we’ll take a tantalisingly tasty journey through some of the more unusual flavour combos, some of which are here to stay…

The Weird…

Hawaiian pizza ice cream

At his Korean BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles, chef Chris Oh, combines pineapple ice cream and spam (yes, spam!) between two freshly-baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Wonder if it’s served up with a side of fries?!

Bacon ice cream

Fancy a fry up? Or you could just try candied bacon ice cream! Experimental American chef, David Lebovitz, created this meaty ice cream flavour. He candied strips of bacon using brown sugar before blending them with cinnamon, vanilla and a splash of dark rum. Goes down well with his local butcher!

Haggis ice cream

A farm in Scotland has added to the this list of unusual ice creams with a haggis-flavoured frozen treat! Scotland’s national dish, which was immortalised by poet Robert Burns, has been re-imagined by Glen Urr in Castle Douglas, Dumfries, where they are said to be 'pleasantly surprised' with the results. The quirky dessert is served with an oatcake instead of a wafer.

The Wonderful…

Lavender Honey

French lavender honey is simple to create but complex in taste. It’s the perfect ice cream for those who love unusual flavours. It’s a smooth, rich and creamy dessert that will have your taste buds doing the happy dance all night long. The subtle hint of lavender paired with the sweet honey is a match made in flavour heaven!

Goats Cheese

Tastes just like cheesecake with a hint of tangy goats cheese and topped with honey and pecans, goats cheese ice cream makes for a delicious not-too-sweet dessert. The creamy tartness of this flavour is great alone, but it also pairs well with fresh fruit as well.

Thai Iced Tea

If you've visited Thailand you may have already availed yourself of one of the most divine ways to cool down…with a cup of Thai iced milk tea. This is quite obviously the basis of Thai iced tea ice cream! Earthy and milky like a cold glass of Thai iced tea, it has cream has a delicate base, which is best consumed immediately!

Ferneley’s Faves…

Dairy Barn Delight

Our traditional dairy Ice Cream. This Ice Cream is one of our proudest creations as it showcases the true taste of our Milk. Rich, creamy and indulgent with no added flavours, this Ice Cream is everything that Ferneley’s Ice cream stands for.

Lemon Meringue

Fresh, creamy and crunchy. Bright zesty lemon sauce rippled through our luxury dairy ice cream, topped with light and crunchy meringue pieces. Ferneley’s Ice Cream Chef Mark has turned this delicious summer dessert into a scrumptious Ice cream that’s huge hit with staff and customers alike.

Rum n Raisin

For the grown ups! If you’re partial to a tipple of rum, why not sample a shot of Ferneley’s rum n raisin ice cream? Creamy, rich and sprinkled with raisins.

All Ferneley’s luxury dairy ice cream using milk from our herd of mainly Friesian cows. We welcome you to come and taste some at the Dairy Barn Cafe! Find out more… 

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