peter vanessaThe Darlington family moved to Brickfield Farm in the 1930’s with just three cows and not a great deal of knowledge of dairy farming. The family were originally stone masons in the North of England but moved south to find work after the First World War. Despite a lack of experience they made a go of farming and over the following 80 years developed a 100 strong pedigree herd of Holstein and Friesian cows and quadrupled the size of their farm. Traditionally the quality milk produced has been used in the manufacture of prize winning Long Clawson Stilton cheese.

In recent years, the price of milk has fallen substantially which has resulted in many small family dairy farms no longer being viable. With this in mind the Darlington family started to look into an alternative way to add value to their milk. By chance, a friend tried some of their milk and was blown away by its fresh, natural, wholesome, creamy taste. She took some home to make ice cream and what she produced was out of this world. The seeds of Ferneley’s Ice Cream had been sown and as you will see if you visit The Dairy Barn Café the rest is history!